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Protect Your Vote
Rank Candidates in the #1, #2 spots. No "bullet" voting (voting for only one candidate).

If you believe women have a right to choose, rank Pat #1 on the November ballot. You no longer need to fret about an anti-choice candidate emerging on top. Rank Choice Voting means you can rank Pat first, and other candidates who do not share Pat's full-throated commitment to reproductive rights as #2 or #3.

This is a winning strategy. Mary Peltola won her race to fill Don Young's seat in Congress. She was propelled by her unflinching approach to issues that are important to Alaskans: unfettered abortion access, strong pro-labor policies, and protection of Alaska's unique environment and renewable resources.

In the June primary, Mary received 10% of the votes but went on to prevail in the August 16 primary final vote by 51.5% to Palin's 49.5%.

This was a remarkable defeat of a Trump-backed candidate who promotes the Big Lie about the 2020 election. We can do the same in the US Senate race. Protect your vote by ranking Pat #1 and a candidate that is not your favorite, but is acceptable as #2.

Like Mary, my stance on abortion access is unequivocal. If you agree, there is a way to make your voice heard in this election. Rank the candidates and rank me #1! Thanks.


The Regular General Election Will Be Held on November, 8th, 2022

Voting and Election Day Information. Make a Plan!

* "Early and in-person voting locations will be available; dates, times, and locations will be listed here when finalized. Absentee ballots can be requested as usual. Only first-choice results will be available on election day; ranked choice voting results will be available after all the ballots are received and processed (15 days after election day)."


General Election Timeline

This is it! The General Election is only a few months away. Now, more than ever we need donations and volunteers. Here is a timeline for this year's election cycle.

  • October 8th

    • Voter Registration deadline.

  • October 14th Voting begins

    • First mailing of absentee by-mail ballots to civilian voters. 

  • October 29th

    • Last day to voters can request an absentee ballot.

  • November 8th

    • *** ELECTION DAY ***
      Absentee Ballots MUST be postmarked by today


  • November 23

    • Deadline for ballots that were postmarked by Election Day to be received; ranked choice voting results will be available after the ballots are processed.

Ranked Choice Voting In Alaska

How it works and empowers voters by making sure ALL votes count

A general election where voters rank the candidates according to preference. To win, a candidate must receive a majority of votes (50% + 1). If no candidate receives a majority of first choice votes, the last place candidate is eliminated, and their supporters’ second-choice votes are counted. The process repeats until a majority winner is declared.

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