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Create Jobs

Alaska has the opportunity to create jobs and develop much needed ferries, airports, resilient energy grids, and broadband through the bipartisan Infrastructure Act. I will look for opportunities to leverage state and federal funding to create jobs with sustainable wages.

Support Child Care

In order to thrive in the workplace, working families must have access to affordable childcare. I support the provisions in the Build Back Better Act that address the long-standing crisis in childcare in Alaska.

Renew 2021 Child Tax Credit

The 2021 Child Tax Credit of $3000-$3600 for all working families lifted many children out of poverty, but it was not extended beyond 2021. I will fight to reinstate the credit and expand it in the future.

Support Sustainable Resource Development

Alaskans rely on our rich environment for mining, drilling, tourism, fish and game harvesting, and recreation. I will support policies that promote all these activities and prioritize those that are sustainable.

"I am committed to expanding jobs

and economic opportunity for all Alaskans."


Share the Wealth

Those that are blessed with great wealth have a responsibility to help others. I will fight to eliminate the disparity in economic opportunity for all Americans.

Build A Resilient Work Force

The work world is changing fast. Schooling can help our children thrive in this world and ongoing education can help older workers’ skills remain viable. I support lifelong learning opportunities.

Value Working Families

All work contributes to the health of society, but not all work is paid at livable levels. I value all workers and will fight to protect their right to organize as Labor Unions. I support the PRO Act.

Listen to Workers'Voices

Workers can see potential improvements if given the opportunity to be heard. Workers must be able to negotiate for fair wages and safe working conditions, using whatever structures work best. Engaged workers are energized and effective. I support the important role of Labor Unions in this effort.

"Beyond the individual workplace, we must ensure that our economy focuses on prosperity for all, and we must invest in industries that are future-oriented."


Address Racial Inequity

Race-based discrimination not only harms historically disadvantaged people but also deprives us of the gifts of their abilities and cultures.

Promote Equitable Education Systems

Strong education helps young people become resilient in this ever-changing world and gives students the tools to think critically. I fully support strengthening equitable educational systems and strengthening public education.

Protect BIPOC and LGBTQ+ Civil Rights

Narrow the Wealth Gap

39% of the total U.S. wealth is held by the richest one percent of households. Millions of children live in poverty and have little hope of ever increasing their financial status. I will work towards the eradication of child poverty and the lifting up of the other 99%.

Protect Abortion Access Policies

Women’s rights to make their own decisions and conduct their lives have been overruled, and they are losing their control over their own reproductive health. Our young women need assurance that that right will be theirs too. I’ll stand up and fight for the rights of women to get the medical care they need, including abortion.

I will join with our marginalized persons, no matter the color of their skins, their country of origin, or their LGBTQ+ identities, in making this world a more inclusive place.

"Our diversity is our strength. We must not only tolerate, but also respect those with different backgrounds, traditions, and world views."


Achieve Food Security

Food insecurity haunts much of the nation and the world. As the fertility of our lands is diminished by chemicals, drought, or poor agricultural practices, our food supply becomes endangered. I will support local farmers to develop innovative sustainable methods to ensure food security.

Mitigate Environmental Threats

It is vital to oversee the removal of toxic remnants of industrial or military activities on our lands. Potentially dangerous projects, such as Pebble Mine or Palmer Project, must be rejected. I will fight ill-conceived projects that pit non-renewable against sustainable resources. 

Harness Renewable Energy

New products and processes can help diminish our dependence on fossil fuels for transportation, heating, and the manufacture of plastics and other disposable materials. Alaska can be a laboratory for small and localized renewable energy.  I will fight for solutions that harness the great potential for renewable energy in Alaska and America.

Protect Our Land, Air, and Water

Our lives depend on clean air and water; our sustenance comes from the land. I will work to protect these essential environments.

"It is not too late to heed the clear warnings of scientists. It is irresponsible to leave our mistakes for our children to fix. I will fight to leave a healthy earth."


Curb Gun Violence

I support policies that will curb the epidemic of gun violence in America and the research needed to understand and address this problem.

Invest in Child-Friendly Community Spaces

Much of the country has gone from community-supported activities to school or parent-financed
activities. Some parents can afford music lessons, dance instruction, summer camps, and other activities for their children, but many cannot. I will support investment in infrastructure and programs that will create child-friendly community spaces.

Promote Child Safety Nets

I support reducing the poverty, abuse, loss of caregivers, illness, bullying, unsafe living conditions, and other issues that directly impact children’s lives.

Make Schools Safer

Schools must be both physically and emotionally safe. Adequate staffing, safe facilities, equitable opportunities to learn, and positive environments
are essential. Bullying needs to be revealed and eliminated. I will support measures for safer schools.

"Our children trust us to create a world in which they can thrive. The legacy we leave behind for our future and our children's future should not be one of destruction and disregard"
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