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About Pat

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As a longtime educator, I find myself increasingly concerned for our children and young people. At a time in their lives when they should be feeling hopeful and optimistic about the opportunities that lie ahead, they see division, disrespect, and intolerance in the language of local and national leaders. They see efforts to take away rights that have been fought for and respected for many years, specifically a woman’s right to choose, and wonder which rights will be next. I say, the elected leaders of our country set the tone for this nation. They either model the behavior we want for our children, or foster cynicism and hopelessness. 

I committed to running for the U.S. Senate because I believe we can do better.

  • We can protect the rights of all people to choose their best paths for their lives and their bodies.

  • We can work toward truly becoming indivisible, as we pledge to our flag.

  • We can honor our environment by reversing the damage we have caused.

  • We can achieve liberty and justice for all.

  • We can honor our history and be honest about our failings.

  • We can work to lessen the effects of poverty, especially on our children.

  • We can foster innovation by finding and nurturing learning.

  • We can strengthen the power of everyone’s voice in home, community, and work.

  • We are stronger, smarter, and safer together.

Who am I?

I am the daughter of a mother who was widowed with three young children who were raised with grace and dignity;
I am the lifelong learner who believes in truth and honesty;
I am the friend who strives to understand walking in another’s shoes;
I am the teacher who has faith in the power and potential of all her students;
I am the wife who understands the power of love and compromise;
I am the stepmother who found a pathway to trust and love;
I am the mother who accepts my children for their wonderful differences;
I am the parent who grieves the loss of her daughter to gun violence;
I am the principal who discovered the joys and effects of leadership;
I am the Alaskan who believes that the natural beauty of our state is reflected in the beauty of our people;
I am the Democrat who shares the values of millions of people in the US and around the world;
I am the community member who has faith in the future and works to ensure that future.
I am the candidate you can count on.




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